Overshare of the Day: Helena Bonham Carter Wore Diapers After Giving Birth

Prepare to be grossed out. Actress Helena Bonham Carter has shared a little too much information about the birth of her second child. Helena reveals that while working on the set of ‘Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince’ she was forced to wear diapers because the birth has left her with a weak bladder and she wanted to prevent any accidents from happening while the cameras were rolling. However, there were times when she needed drying off, and she was actually provided with giant blowers which quickly fixed her up:

“I really couldn’t jump up and down and scream without losing most of my bodily liquid. They had these air dryers (on set), these huge things – that’s where I would dry myself off. “

Helena didn’t share the embarrassment with any of the guys on set, but some of the women knew and couldn’t understand how she went through it. However, Helena says it was all worth it because of the baby and she describes the birth as magical:

“None of the men (knew I wore diapers). They don’t know, you see. But all the girls were, like, ‘How can you?’ But, actually, I don’t think I was too embarrassed. There’s something quite liberating about having a baby… I loved having a baby. I would have a baby every day if (I could). The birth day is fantastic. It is magic. It is complete magic.”