OnlyFans’ Mags: ‘I’m second most liked OnlyFans model and first place doesn’t faze me’

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Mags, the world’s second-most popular model on OnlyFans, is less concerned with becoming the most popular model than she is with passing her upcoming bar exam.

‘I’m second most liked OnlyFans model and first place doesn’t faze me…’

Many of us devote our entire working lives to reaching the highest possible level of our chosen profession. One model, however, is content with being OnlyFans’ number two most popular content creator.

Mags, a Texan, was in first place, but Bryce Adams passed him up. The 25-year-old, however, has bigger dreams than dethroning the fellow American.

(Image: mags.irl/Instagram)

Mags is working multiple jobs in the legal and financial sectors, and her success gives her a “ego boost.”

Mags stated in an interview, “It’s nice.

“The metric that is being used for the ranking system is the aggregation of total ‘likes’ your content has accumulated, which is displayed on your profile.

“Likes are one of the only metrics that you don’t have the option to hide from your profile, so it’s what ranking sites use.

“That means that placement on these lists heavily favours creators with free accounts that post at a breakneck pace. That’s not how everyone runs their account and so I don’t really let it get to my head.

“I appreciate the ego boost but I don’t care as much as I used to.”

(Image: mags.irl/Instagram)

Mags claimed that her 18 years of experience in the sex industry have not fazed her.

What did she say?

“I am proud to identify as an old dog in my twilight years. I don’t mean that literally of course, I’m only 25, but I’ve been in this industry for a very long time.

“Most people don’t make it that long in this industry because it chews you up and spits you out.

“It’s very emotionally taxing.”

Mags is hoping to become a licensed lawyer, so she is studying for the Bar Exam alongside her naughty modeling.

Her unusual occupation as a fashion model has not prevented her from being taken seriously in the legal field.

All thanks to the fact that she is the number two ranked model on the list of favorites kept by OnlyFans.

“The biggest benefit [of second place] is that it lends you a ton of credibility,” she shared.

“This job has a lot of drawbacks in public life, but people seem to respect you more if you can show them that you’re at the top of your field.

“In that way it’s been very helpful for helping my cohort in the legal community cut me some slack about making untraditional choices.”


Bryce Adams, who has 1.3 million more likes than Mags, is at the top of the lucrative liked list.

The brunette beauty and her boyfriend Jay create all kinds of content together.

“It’s a fun title to have, it’s an appreciated title and I enjoy having it. I don’t foresee losing it,” Bryce said.

“I’m proud of it as it’s directly correlated to thee market saying we like what you’re doing, we support you.

“I love having something like that as it’s measurable and an objective measurement that people have where they can go ‘ok this is determined by the fans, this is what they like’ – so I love that.”

“It just kinda naturally occurred, now that I have it I wear it proudly and I’m very thankful.”