5 of Nicole Scherzinger’s Top 5 Hair& Beauty Secrets

Hawaiian beauty Nicole Scherzinger always has an enviable glowing complexion, shiny and bouncy hair, and great nails. Revealing her best secrets for looking her best, the singer and ‘X Factor’ judge has opened up on her tricks and tips for looking flawless. One of her must-have products is coconut oil and she believes the raw product is great for skin because it’s so moisturising. She also likes to take good care of her hair and is never without manicured nails as she thinks having great nails is just another important beauty habit. Here are her best secrets!


  1. She Loves Nails

Nicole thinks nails are very important and always has them done: “Nails are a big part of my look; I use my hands a lot when I’m talking, so my nails are on show all the time. I think all ladies like to spend time perfecting their hair and make-up and nails are an extension of that.”