Nicole Scherzinger looks stunning while stripping in the pool in a racy video

Nicole Scherzinger, X Factor judge, wowed viewers as she plunged into her hotel pool after a stunning fashion overhaul.

Nicole Scherzinger posted a video of herself diving into a pool in a little two-piece


The Pussycat Dolls singer was “serving body-ody” in her hotel room, initially dazzled in a silk slip dress patterned with a vivid floral print.

Nicole walked around the lounge area in the ankle-length gown, her dark locks falling past her shoulders and trailing almost to her ribs, her slim arms bare.

Despite having her bare toenails painted a vivid scarlet, Nicole didn’t skimp on the make-up, using a blush pink pout and heavy liner around her eyes.


The singer then went full mermaid, standing on the balcony and tossing her little bikini into the pool below, before the video changed to show the singer diving in below the surface – miraculously dressed in her two-piece swimwear.


Nicole showed off her movements underwater with her brunette hair streaming behind her, her flat belly on full display, wiggling her booty to propel herself ahead in a multi-colored bra and bottoms.

She captioned her sensual video, “Too warm, no time for stairs.”

Last week, The Pussycat Dolls singer also stunned her fans by posing in a sheer white gown while lounging in a pool surrounded by palm trees and loungers.

Nicole Scherzinger relaxed for the camera while floating in a sun-kissed swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, wearing a sheer white gown that showed off her ample charms.

As she lay back on a white-striped pink inflatable on the clear blue water, the dark-haired beauty, 44, captioned her Instagram video post “White Lotus vibes.”

The Pussycat Dolls singer wore gold bangles on her arms and a gold cross as the camera caught her floating around with her left leg slightly raised.

Nicole’s ample charms were on display as she relaxed in the adventurous yet discreet display, lying back with her arms behind her head.