5 of Nicole Richie’s Best Hair, Skin& Makeup Tips

Fashion designer Nicole Richie is not just a style icon – with her bright, boldly coloured hair and gorgeous looks, her beauty is a great source of inspiration too. From minimal beauty looks to strong red carpet makeup, Nicole’s mantra is all about having fun and experimenting, both with beauty and fashion alike, and she isn’t afraid of trying new things. Here are some of her best personal tips for maintaining beautiful hair and skin, as well as some great makeup ideas and tricks. 

  1. She Enhances Her Curly Hair

Nicole tames her natural curly hair with wave spray and lets it dry naturally: “My hair is naturally curly, so I’ve tried every type of wave-enhancing spray. The best one is Charlotte Ronson’s–it gets my hair just the right amount of messy. I mist it on while my hair is still damp, then let it air-dry.”