Nicky Hilton Says Her Style is Complete Opposite to Sister Paris


Opening up on her personal style, heiress Nicky Hilton has said that her look is generally the complete opposite of her very feminine and girly sister Paris Hilton. She says that Paris has her own taste and buys whatever she falls in love with, regardless of labels or designers. Nicky said:

”Our styles are night and day. Paris is all pink and glitter, super-girly. I don’t think I own anything pink. But it works for her. Paris is unapologetic, she doesn’t care about labels or trends, if she likes it she buys it.”

Describing her own style, Nicky says she has been inspired by where she lives, and likes to take elements of Los Angeles beach chic and mix it with New York street style to create an original look:

”I’m this California transplant living in New York City, so my style is very eclectic. It’s a mixture of bohemian Cali beach girl with that downtown NY leather vibe.”

Currently releasing a book named ‘365 Style’ which aims to help organize your wardrobe and keep you up to date with ease, Nicky believes the book shares her unique take on fashion because she has seen the industry both as a model and designer:

”I’ve had a unique perspective on this industry, from being a model to designing and I want to share the knowledge.”

Inside the book, Nicky crafted her own way of organizing a wardrobe that keeps women looking up to date and helps them put together outfits. She said about the idea:

”It’s a method I came up with to organise your closet and ensure it’s on trend.”