Nick Lachey Jokes About Joe Simpson Playing “Grab Ass Under the Table”


It seems that Nick Lachey and former wife Jessica Simpson are definitely not on speaking terms. The singer even joked about Jessica’s father and the rumors that the reason for her parents divorce was because of her father being secretly homosexual in a new interview. When asked “what is the best thing about no longer having Joe Simpson as a father in law?” His brother, Drew, quipped “everything” and Nick said with a smile on his face:

“The best thing about not having Joe Simpson as a father in law is that I don’t have to play grab ass under the table on Easter Sunday.”

Drew immediately commented “our publicist is freaking out right now” and Nick said “it may not be [funny] tomorrow but it is tonight.” When he was then asked if he still talks to Jessica anymore, Nick reveals that it has been around 6 years since they last spoke! He said:

 “it’s been years, probably six years. It was like another lifetime ago.”