Niall Horan & 5 Other Stars Whose Twitters Have Been Hacked

Tween girls around the world hang on to every word that comes out of the mouths of the members of boy band One Direction, but maybe they shouldn’t be listening so intently. With so many media outlets reporting about the boys, there are plenty of chances for quotes to be taken out of context or for comments to be completely fabricated.

Niall Horan, one very blonde member of 1D, was recently the victim of a Twitter hacker. A few days ago, a very strange tweet appeared on Horan’s page. It read, “Have a massive spot on my arse. Wondering should I squeeze it. What do ye think?” It certainly didn’t seem like something the star, or anyone for that matter, would post for the world to see, so it quickly became obvious that Horan had been hacked!

hacking 1

The singer deleted the message and soon tweeted, “OK I don’t know what happened with that last tweet.” He confirmed once again that he was not the one to tweet about his pimply butt by later noting, “I got hacked again.” It hasn’t been confirmed that Niall’s bandmates were behind the prank, but we’re pretty sure it was the rest of One Direction who decided to have a laugh at their friend’s expense.

hacker 2

Niall Horan isn’t the first celebrity who’s had to do some damage control after their Twitter account fell into the wrong hands. Check out 5 more stars who’ve been hacked on Twitter!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ Twitter was hacked in February 2009, but the culprit was not very clever. The fake tweets were full of misspellings and only made claims that Demi Lovato wears fake hair extensions and that Miley Cyrus starred in Hannah Montana for the money. You’d think the hacker could have at least learned how to spell Miley’s name right or come up with something more scandalous to tweet.

hacking 3


Britney Spears

Britney Spears was the victim of a Twitter hacker in early 2009 as well. This hacker changed the pop star’s profile picture and background and tweeted to say Spears worships Satan and hopes “that the new world order will arrive as soon as possible!” Later in the year, Britney was targeted again as a hacker Tweeted that the singer had died. Hopefully Spears has finally gotten her account under control!

hacking 5


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez received mean messages on Twitter and even death threats from Justin Bieber’s fans when it was first revealed that the young stars were dating. Someone decided to provoke all the madness by hacking Selena’s Twitter in January 2011 to tweet, “Oh yeh, JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!!!” The hacker also targeted Gomez’s Facebook page, but both accounts were quickly reclaimed.

hacking 4


Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was the victim of an April Fool’s Day prank in 2011. A hacker took over the reality star’s Twitter account to tweet things like, “My poops are in the shape of Ks,” “I DON’T CRAP…I KRAP,” and “Sometimes I make Lam-Lam pretend my boobies are basketballs.” The real Khloe wasn’t angry about the hacking though. She thought the fake tweets were hilarious! Once she regained control of her account, she stated, “I am literally crying at these tweets!!!” and called the hacker “clever” because she wishes she “pooped Ks!”

hacking 7


Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter has been hacked a few times. In 2011, someone got a hold of his account and tweeted, “Ashton, you’ve been Punk’d. This account is not secure. Dude, where’s my SSL?” The actor fell victim to a hacker again in 2012 when someone sent tweets through his Foursquare account that showed he was at rumored girlfriend Lorene Scafaria’s house. Kutcher vowed to get revenge on the hacker though, threatening “I’m coming for you my friend… #hacker,” and posting the address of the alleged hacker’s house.

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