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“Nervous” Madelyn Cline “broke the ice” by farting prior to her sexual scene with her co-star from Outer Banks

"Nervous" Madelyn Cline "broke the ice" by farting prior to her sexual scene with her co-star from Outer Banks

The gorgeous Madelyn Cline of the Netflix successes Outer Banks and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery went with an unorthodox method to ease the tension between her and her co-star.

Madelyn Cline, who was reportedly “nervous,” “broke the ice” before a sex scene with her co-star from Outer Banks by farting

Madelyn plays Sarah Cameron in the new season of the popular Netflix drama series (February 23).

She and Austin North, who plays her on-screen boyfriend Topper Thornton, are now close friends, but she came up with a clever technique to put them at ease when they were initially introduced and filming a steamy sex scene.

During filming of a sexual scene on the Outer Banks, Madelyn Cline and her co-star cheekily loosened up the atmosphere by farting.

This was not a lighthearted attempt to ease the tension.

According to her interview with Vogue, “Before Outer Banks, I’d never really had any sex scenes, or implicated sex scenes I guess would be the more appropriate term.”

“So I was really nervous about that. There’s nothing sexy about it, and it is a little bit awkward.”

Madelyn remembered the episode from season one where Austin was shot first.

Madelyn, then 25 years old, played Whiskey in the 2022 murder thriller “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” which also featured Daniel Craig and Edward Norton.

And, she continued, “We didn’t really know each other that well at that point,” she said, adding: “[And] we hadn’t really spent too much time hanging out yet.”

The blonde bombshell headlined the independent crime thriller What Breaks the Ice, set for release in 2020.

Indeed, she did something daring to break the ice in this particular situation.

“We were sitting in the green room, Austin and I, twiddling our thumbs and trying to make conversation. I could tell that he was nervous, and I knew he could tell I was nervous. So, I just farted in front of him.”

After a brief awkward moment, the two pals broke into hysterics and quickly became fast companions.

In Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Madelyn also had to act out a steamy sex scene with Edward Norton.

Whisky, played by her, sleeps with Miles Bron, played by Edward Norton, behind the back of her lover Duke Cody, portrayed by ex-WWE star Dave Bautista.

Being a seasoned pro made the whole thing a lot more “comfortable” for her.

“It’s important to be open and honest about what you’re comfortable with, not just with yourself but with your onscreen partner,” she told Glamour.

“And that’s exactly what happened. Everybody was very respectful and gave us our space.”