Natalya (Below Deck) shows off her fit body in a scanty workout outfit that clings to her contours

Natalya Scudder, from the show Below Deck, recently posed for Playboy in a scantily clad gym wear set in order to highlight her toned body.

(Image: Natalya Scudder/Instagram)

Below Deck’s Natalya flaunts her toned body in a skintight exercise gear

The stunning reality actress recently landed a centerfold with the magazine and posed for a swoon-inducing Instagram Story.

Natalya Scudder, who became famous on Below Deck, recently stunned fans with a selfie she took of herself in a little orange gym set for her Playboy centerfold.

(Image: Natalya Scudder/Instagram)

Scudder got down on the floor for the official Playboy Instagram and stared over her shoulder at the camera.

The Australian actress’s shoulder-length brown hair was curled free so that it fell over her back.

Natalya flaunted her toned arms and tanned skin in a peach-orange sports bra with wide straps.

The ribbed fabric hugged her figure and emphasized her curves, leaving onlookers craving more.

The white walls and floor behind her made the orange set pop even more.

She had black eyeliner on and what looked like a smidgen of nude lipstick on to accentuate her natural pout.

(Image: Natalya Scudder/Instagram)

The Playboy Instagram account posted a selfie of her with her name and a link to her profile.

The link directed her followers to a page where they could start receiving “exclusive content” from her.

According to the description, Natalya is “so excited” to be sharing her content with her fans and is now known as everyone’s “favorite Aussie girl next door who is now a bunny.”

(Image: Natalya Scudder/Instagram)

And there was a handy “follow Natalya for free” button with the promise of “exclusive content, private DMs, and more”

The star’s humorous caption was accompanied by some photos of themselves to attract new followers.

In one she was seen wearing a white swimsuit with a thong-style cutout on the back.

Scudder smiled charmingly for the camera while wearing a skimpy black bikini.

Natalya turned to the camera and smiled broadly as the setting light illuminated her body on the deck of a yacht.

(Image: Natalya Scudder/Instagram)

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