Natalie Dormer on Makeup Contouring & Her Dramatic Half Shaved Haircut


Natalie Dormer, who appears in the ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ film, has spoken on makeup application. She believes that the key to getting it right is to pay close attention to facial shading and learning how to contour highlight correctly, and she has picked up some tips by simply watching the professionals at work everyday:

”Make-up is all about shading, it’s about tactical application. It helps when you watch people do it to you every morning!”

Natalie had to shave half of her head for the film role but says she has actually enjoyed having such a dramatic haircut and she has also noticed that she is accidentally quite on trend because many people have a similar style at the moment. She thinks it’s also a cool hairdo to experiment with because it’s easy to cover up by simply flipping her hair over the shaved area:

”It’s kind of a fluffy uncut now, I’m enjoying it. I’m accidentally in vogue – it seems to me quite a popular hairstyle. It’s good as you can hide it quite well. If anyone’s getting in trouble at school they can flip it over then – ta da!”

The actress says she wasn’t upset to shave her head for the part and saw it as a great way to challenge herself. She comments that it was ultimately a “liberating” experience because it taught her more about herself:

”Hair grows back and to take yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge your perception of yourself, like, ‘Who is Natalie when she doesn’t have her long, flowing hair?’ was ultimately incredibly liberating.”