My Name is Earl beauty Jaime Pressly was branded ‘Margot Robbie 2.0’ after flaunting her physique at the gym

After finding prominence as Joy Turner on the US sitcom My Name is Earl, Jaime Pressly was labeled a “doppelgänger” of Margot Robbie.

My Name is Earl actress strips to a small bra and is compared to…Margot Robbie

(Image: Instagram/ @jaimepressly)

The “spitting image of Margot Robbie” has been applied to one of the My Name Is Earl actresses after she posed in a little bra for a series of sweaty gym photos.

Jaime Pressly’s breakthrough role was as Joy Turner on the US sitcom The Jason Lee Show. She also starred on Welcome to Flatch and Mom.

However, she has recently gained a slew of new followers who are convinced that she is a dead ringer for Margot Robbie in the new Barbie movie posters.

Jaime posed for an Instagram photo recently in which she and her buff trainer were both wearing form-fitting black leggings with white laces and white sneakers.

She wore a small black bra that revealed her entire stomach, a black baseball cap over her trimmed blonde hair, and a smile for the ens as she held her hip out.

In yet another photo, trainer Mike Jones is seen supporting her weight while she leans on the bench and raises one leg into the air in a standing split.

(Image: Instagram/ @jaimepressly)

The comedian posted this touching caption for her workout partner’s birthday: “Whether it’s been about keeping me in shape during pregnancy, helping me lose the baby weight after, getting me in shape for a shoot or job, or just simply keeping me in shape for myself you have always been by my side and I by yours.

“You have never let me slip, have always had my back, and have been my therapist on the side. You’re more than just my trainer.

“For the last 16 years you have been my big brother, my friend and my family through thick and thin no matter what. I could not appreciate you more.

“Happy Birthday B man!! @mikeljones420 Thank you for all you do to make sure I always stay ready,” Jaime concluded the sweet tribute.

(Source: Instagram)

The actress was soon dubbed “gorgeous” in an Instagram post, with many followers comparing her to Hollywood legend Margot Robbie.

“Is it just me, or does Jaime look exactly like Margot Robbie in those new Barbie posters?” said one. Fantastic xx.”

In fact, the two famous actresses eventually met each other last year, and upon seeing each other, they expressed similar doubts about the similarity that we do.

The two stunning women were shocked to find another human being that looked so much like them; the admirers, of course, found this highly amusing.

(Image: Twitter)
(Image: Twitter)