MW2 Season 2 leak teases the return of Plunder and Cranked modes

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A new MW2 leak suggests that two fan-favorite multiplayer modes, Cranked and Plunder, may be returning soon.

MW2 Season 2 leak teases the return of Plunder and Cranked modes

Both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 came with a variety of game modes, but players are always looking for more to keep things interesting. Recently, a well-known dataminer know as BKTOOR combed through the most recent game files and found a few images that appear to indicate the return of both Plunder and Cranked.

Plunder has been a fan favorite mode in Warzone since its inception, but it was temporarily removed to make room for other limited-time modes. Cranked, in a similar vein, was a timed multiplayer mode that featured fast-paced action as players needed to earn a kill as quickly as possible or risk exploding.

The images discovered appear to be icons for each game mode, with the Plunder ones having a dollar sign and one soldier for solo and four for quads while the Crank ones have a wrench.

It’s also worth noting that BKTOOR provided a follow-up post clarifying a few points. In terms of the colors of the icons, the leaker speculated that it might not be Plunder because the red color scheme of the leaked symbol matches multiplayer rather than Warzone 2, implying that it could be a new multiplayer mode. The red color scheme could also be a placeholder.

These are only leaks for the time being, and there is no guarantee that these modes will be released. However, the Season 2 update is scheduled for February 1, so we should know more about Infinity Ward’s plans by the end of January.

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