MW2 Guide – How to buy a Precision Airstrike & kill 10 enemies in DMZ: Death from Above White Lotus

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This MW2 guide will show you the best way to buy a Precision Airstrike and kill 10 enemies in DMZ: Death from Above White Lotus.

How to buy a Precision Airstrike in DMZ: Death from Above White Lotus

There are numerous shops in Warzone 2, but the majority of them do not sell Precision Airstrike. If you’ve been looking for Precision Air Strike for a while but haven’t found it, we’ve marked two locations below that usually have it in stock.¬†Buy DMZ Precision AirstrikeNow that you’ve found the Precision Air Strike, the next step is to buy it. However, this brings up another issue. Each Precision Air Strike costs $12,000, making it one of the most expensive kill streaks in the game. As a result, you must first save up enough money before you begin Death from Above. We recommend finishing the Radiation Contracts to earn enough money for this mission, then going to the above buy stations to purchase Precision Airstrikes.

How to use Precision Strike to kill 10 enemies

Once you’ve saved enough money to buy the Precision Airstrike, you’ll be tasked with killing ten enemies in a row with the kill streak. You can’t think of enemies because NPCs will also count. Wait until the end of a match and go to the last Exfil location. As NPCs follow you in the helicopter, use the Precision Strike at this point. If you aim correctly, you’ll almost certainly get 10 kills. However, keep in mind that kills cannot be shared during this mission. You cannot share your kills with others if you are playing in a team. As a result, each of you must complete the mission independently.

That’s all you need to know to complete the DMZ Warzone 2.0 mission ‘Buy a Precision Airstrike From the Shop and Use Precision Strike to Kill 10 Enemies’.

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