MultiVersus Tier List – All 18 Characters Ranked

MultiVersus is the newest platform fighter to dominate the gaming landscape, but it’s also the most competitive. Keeping an eye on a tier list is the best strategy for you because it allows you to spend as much time as possible on the most valuable characters. In this MultiVersus Tier List, we ranked all 18 Season One characters from best to worst, as well as explain a little about how each character plays as we go.

MultiVersus Tier List – All 18 Characters Ranked

1. Shaggy

MultiVersus Tier List - All 18 Characters Ranked 1

The neutral charge attack of this bruiser gives him a shield while charging, allowing him to perform the move even when under pressure.His uppercut up special is another fantastic move. This move is ideal for finishing because it can hit multiple times.

Shaggy also inflicts weakened while enraged, causing him to fly even farther when struck. His down special involves him digging up a sandwich that he can then throw. It heals your teammates if it gets by enemies while dealing damage to them.

With his unmatched strength and relatively easy-to-use moves, Shaggy is one of the best choices in MultiVersus.

2. Velma

Velma has a fantastic set of moves that allow her to deal damage, buff her teammates, and heal herself all at the same time. Her neutral attack fires supportive words in the direction of her teammate. If it hits one of her teammates, they become targeted, and the words will hasten their arrival, heal Velma, and fire off another word bubble. If it strikes an enemy, they are targeted and take damage from the attacks.

Velma’s passive skill is what distinguishes her as a top-tier character. Velma can call the cops if she gathers enough evidence without being KO’d. If the police car catches an enemy, it will disable their abilities and attempt to drive them off the ledge. Nobody likes a snitch, but this move, on top of an already impressive move set, almost guarantees a KO.

3. Superman

MultiVersus Tier List - All 18 Characters Ranked 2

There are several reasons why Superman is the best Tank in MultiVersus. First and foremost, he can take a ridiculous amount of damage before being launched completely off screen. He can dodge upwards as well, which makes recovery easier. His neutral special, ice breath, allows him to stun opponents and deal powerful ranged damage.

Superman’s aerial side special and aerial up special are the best parts of his arsenal for quick knockouts. Both moves cause Superman to fly in the direction you specify, and if he collides with an enemy, he can be grabbed and thrown. Superman can snag an enemy in the air and throw them out of bounds if they are launched even halfway up the screen. The move has a cheap feel to it, but it’s a great and consistent finisher.

4. Iron Giant

The Iron Giant, another Tank character, is by far the largest character in the game. His large size makes him vulnerable to combo lock, but he can take and deal a lot of damage. When his rage meter fills, his moveset changes and he cannot be knocked back until his special silver health is depleted.

He has some powerful combos, and because of his massive size, he has the best melee attack range in MultiVersus. Cannonball, his down special, launches him into the air and then plummets back down, dealing massive damage and launching enemies far.

5. Harley Quinn

MultiVersus Tier List - All 18 Characters Ranked 3

Harley Quinn, another Assassin, strikes a good balance between being a powerful damage dealer and not being overly complicated. Harley has a plethora of quick combo attacks that are simple to use and land. She can set people on fire for extra damage after hitting them with an explosive or confetti blast.

Her neutral special is a bomb that she can detonate at will and sticks to enemies. She can stick an opponent and knock them off the stage before finishing them with the explosion.

6. LeBron James

LeBron’s kit is centered on his basketball, which he can use as a neutral special. It will inflict damage on any enemies it hits and then bounce off of them. When it hit a teammate, it fires in the same direction as their next attack.

His side special attack destroy the basketball and sends out a shock wave that launches enemies into the air. With his neutral special, he can summon a new one, or he will automatically acquire one after attacking an enemy. LeBron’s normal attacks deal plenty of damage without the ball, making him a solid choice for any player, though managing the quick-moving basketball projectile can be a little challenging.

7. Morty

MultiVersus Tier List - All 18 Characters Ranked 4

Morty is a brawler who heavily relies on gadgets. He can pause and create a portal to travel through with his air side special, which grants him some armor. He also deals a lot of damage and can help his partner with his Temporal Back-Up down special, which heals and can yank people back to the main stage.

Morty’s main weakness is that none of his attacks, particularly his grenades, have a lot of knockback. Morty struggles to knock your opponent out even when they have over 100 damage.

When someone is within range of her main special, Face-Stealer, a lunging stab will steal their face. Arya can reveal the face by using the neutral special once more with the face, which will stun enemies in close range. If you use her side special ability again, she will dash to the dagger she just threw.

Arya Stark is a fantastic character, but she is also complicated because her normal attacks can be combined into combos that deal a lot of damage.

9. Tom and Jerry

MultiVersus Tier List - All 18 Characters Ranked 5
Tom and Jerry are built with the idea that they are only fighting each other and everyone else is just collateral damage.

One of Tom and Jerry’s best moves is also one of the game’s most complicated abilities. After firing Jerry with the sling shot, Tom can hit a Tennis ball towards Jerry. If the ball does not strike an enemy, Jerry returns it to Tom, who can launch it with a charged Tennis Racket swing for maximum damage. When Jerry is not with Tom, he usually attacks at the same time as Tom, giving you more range to work with. Tom and Jerry, like Bugs, are complicated but powerful once mastered.

10. Bugs Bunny

One of two Mages currently in MultiVersus is the cartoon character Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes. His moves as a Mage require some setup time and cooldown management, but he is a strong character if you can master him.

His neutral will drop a safe from the sky, which can then be hit into enemies. He can also use his aerial side special to launch a rocket and his down special to dig a tunnel. Both the rocket and the safe deal a lot of damage and have great launch, but their cooldowns are quite long, so you’ll need to use them carefully.

11. Wonder Woman

The two best abilities in Wonder Woman’s kit are her neutral special, the Lasso of Truth, which allows you to snag either an enemy or your teammate and pull them in, and her down special, which will shield both her and her teammate from incoming attacks for a while.

12. Garnet

Garnet from Steven Universe is another Bruiser character, and while she can pack a punch, her hit boxes and move set are lacking. Garnet is one of the few characters without a passive ability, and her up attacks can be difficult to land.
Her neutral special creates a field that slows projectiles, which can be useful against projectile-based enemies. Garnet isn’t particularly enjoyable to play, but her damage output can be quite impressive.

13. Taz

Taz from Looney Tunes is a unique case for this list and MultiVersus in general right now. Taz’s kit is fairly standard, centered on eating and spitting on his enemies, accumulating stacks of Tasty that will eventually turn his enemies into cooked chickens, rendering them debuffed and unable to attack. Taz has a relatively short range, but he moves quickly.

Anyone who has been playing MultiVersus may have encountered his side-special, the Taz-Nado. It was broken because it stun-locked and launched players at low damage.

14. Batman

Batman’s attacks are primarily focused on extending combos with tools like the Batarang or grappling hook. He can also use his smoke bomb to become invisible, which will make his enemies weaker when he attacks them.

Batman focuses on getting in the faces of enemies and dealing damage, but you may need to rely on your teammate to deliver the finishing blows without exposing enemies to extremely high damage percentages.

15. Finn

Finn has an intriguing passive ability in which he and his teammate can collect gold coins that drop during the game. These coins can be spent on a speed boost, a projectile shield, or BMO, which converts Finn’s down special into a chop using BMO.

One of his major flaws is that he must move around the map while charging his attacks in order to send opponents flying. While this may allow you to catch an opponent running away from you, it usually requires you to plan out your charge attacks in advance.

16. Reindog

Reindog is a support character in MultiVersus and the only one who was created specifically for the game. His neutral special allows you to tether to a teammate, dealing damage to enemies that the tether touches and allowing you to pull your teammate towards you.

Reindog’s weakness is that his charge attacks have little launch. He can charge a projectile attack with a strong horizontal launch, but that’s it. Playing a support character necessitates your teammate understanding the support character and working around their abilities, requiring more coordination than you’d get from a random player.

17. Steven Universe

Steven’s move set focuses on building shield walls that can be used as platforms or to bounce enemies off of. These shields could theoretically be used to aid a teammate’s recovery or to obstruct an enemy attempting to recover after being knocked off the ledge. However, you can only have one shield in play at a time and you can’t place them very precisely. Steven has a heal as well, but it requires you and your teammate to stand in a zone, which can be challenging in such a fast-paced game.

18. Jake

Jake has the ability to take hits and deal damage from almost any direction. Howerver, he isn’t particularly good at anything. His main problem is his special abilities. His neutral special, which involves him eating someone, has no range, and his other three specials are slow to use. Jake’s moves are frequently interrupted in this relatively fast-paced game.