Monster Jam Showdown Release Date Set for This Summer

Attention monster truck enthusiasts, get ready to unleash some thunderous fun! Monster Jam Showdown, the highly anticipated monster truck game, has a confirmed release date and it’s coming sooner than you think!

About Monster Jam Showdown

Developed using the powerful Unreal Engine 5, Monster Jam Showdown promises a visually stunning experience. Expect meticulously detailed environments, a groundbreaking lighting system, and realistic physics that will make you feel the power of these monster trucks.

Monster Jam Showdown Release Date
Image via Milestone

The Ultimate Monster Truck Experience

The game boasts a massive roster of 66 monster trucks, including legendary names like Grave Digger and Megalodon. 40 of these titans will be available in the base game, with an additional 26 unlockable through free or paid downloadable content (DLC). That’s not all – over 140 unique challenges await you, ensuring endless hours of monster truck mayhem.

Authentic Venues and Diverse Environments

To replicate the thrill of live Monster Jam events, the game offers three distinct venue categories: American football fields, baseball stadiums, and speedways. These offer a variety of layouts – rectangular, diamond, and oval – to keep the races dynamic and exciting.

But Monster Jam Showdown isn’t just about stadiums. The game also features three unique original environments, including the treacherous terrain of Death Valley and the icy landscapes of Alaska. This adds another layer of challenge and keeps the gameplay fresh.

Monster Jam Showdown Release Date Set for This Summer

The date’s set, and the wait is almost over! Monster Jam Showdown will officially launch on August 29th, 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Impatient drivers can get a head start with the confirmed three-day early access period, starting August 26th.

So, mark your calendars for August 26th (or 29th if you’re not pre-ordering) and prepare to unleash your inner monster truck driver! Monster Jam Showdown is set to be the ultimate monster truck experience for gamers of all ages.