How to Complete MLB The Show 24 Extreme Showdown: Strategies and Tips for Success

The Extreme Showdown in MLB The Show 24 is a test of your baseball skills, but fear not, sluggers! With the right approach and these valuable tips, you can dominate this challenge.

How to Complete MLB The Show 24 Extreme Showdown

Draft Day Domination

The draft is your first step to victory. Here, forget about fielding positions – focus on pure hitting prowess. Since these challenges are on All-Star difficulty or higher, prioritize high-contact hitters. Players like Josh Bell, Ed Mathews, and Steven Kwan will put the ball in play consistently. Don’t underestimate power hitters like Mitch Garver either, but their value depends on your ability to make contact.

Perk Up Your Performance

Perks offer valuable advantages in Showdowns. “Hero Time” and “Rally Time” can significantly boost your power hitting and clutch performance. Consider “Bunt Cheese” as well. While not the flashiest strat, it lets you advance runners effectively, adding up precious runs over the course of the Showdown. Remember, consistent scoring is key, not just launching home runs.

MLB The Show 24 Extreme Showdown
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Mastering the Basepaths

While hitting homers is exhilarating, it’s not always practical. Learn to use bunts strategically to move runners around the bases and set up easy scoring opportunities. This will be especially valuable if your hitting struggles.

Patience Pays Off

Many pitchers you face will be relievers with limited stamina. Exploit this! Work the count by taking pitches early in the at-bat. The higher the pitch count, the more fatigued they’ll become, making them easier to hit and increasing your chances of walks. Patience forces the AI pitcher to make mistakes.

Conquering the Closer

Rob Dibble, the notorious closer, awaits you in some challenges. Remember, he has low stamina. Use the same tactic: work the count, tire him out, and then unleash your fury!

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Hitting for Success

While some players find Zone hitting comfortable, consider experimenting with Timing hitting. It may feel unfamiliar at first, but mastering it makes you a more well-rounded player in the long run. However, if you’re truly stuck and need a temporary solution, switching to Zone hitting might offer immediate relief.

Remember, focus is your ultimate weapon. Stay locked in each at-bat, make smart plays, and prioritize consistent scoring. Embrace these strategies, and you’ll conquer the MLB The Show 24 Extreme Showdown in no time!