Modern Warfare 2 raid code – How to solve the Atomgrad number puzzle

In this article, we will walk you through all of the steps to obtain the Modern Warfare 2 raid code, which is required during the Atomgrad raid.

How to solve the Modern Warfare 2 raid code

The first step is to assign one player to go through the metal shutter. Allow one player to hold it open while another passes through – keep two players in the starting room.

The player who proceed to the second room will come across some security cameras. Look through the cameras until you come to Control Room B2, where you will see three cyrillic symbols on a wall with three numbers beneath them.Modern Warfare 2 raid code  The two players in the starting room will now be monitored by cameras. Allow one player to cycle through these until you reach Control Room A2, where you’ll see the same style of wall with different symbols and numbers.

The third player will have a red terminal in the room with three cyrillic symbols displayed on it. Work with your teammates to determine which symbols on the red terminal correspond to the symbols on the walls. In the same room as the terminal, type the corresponding numbers into the machine.The fun doesn’t stop there. You must now enter another code that follows the same rules, but it must be entered by a different player because it requires a different fingerprint. It’s also slightly more complex now, because there are four symbols on the terminal, but one of them is a red herring. Find the three of the four symbols that appear on both cameras and enter them into the machine.

Finally, repeat the process, but this time five symbols will appear on the terminal. However, there will only be three matching ones via the surveillance cameras, so have the third player interact with the machine while the other two hop on the cameras and relay the information.

Now enter all three codes to complete the puzzle.