Miley Cyrus stuns in revealing gold swimsuit and sends fans a mysterious message

(Source: Instagram/@mileycyrus)

Miley Cyrus, who is about to release a new single, has teased fans with yet another steamy photo of herself in a swimsuit.

Miley Cyrus delivers a cryptic message to her followers with her exposing gold swimsuit

To promote her new album, singer Miley Cyrus posted a series of self-love photos to Instagram, including this risque one of her in a skintight gold swimsuit with a teaser caption.

“We went to Hell but we never came back,” she wrote.

A moment later, she changed the caption to read, “You broke your own heart but you’d never say that.”

Both lines are taken from her most recent track, titled “Jaded,” in which she laments her ex-boyfriend’s loneliness and cynicism and blames him for the breakup.

“I’m sorry that you’re jaded/ I could’ve taken you places / You’re lonely now and I hate it.”

The singer’s supporters left encouraging comments like “Tell him” and “THIS PHOTOSHOOT>>>” in the section for user-generated content.

Miley and actor Liam Hemsworth were together for over a decade, through two engagements, a wedding, and a subsequent divorce.

After the success of her single “Flowers,” many people assumed that the songs on her most recent album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” which features Jaded, were about her sadness over the romance.

It is speculated that Miley’s recent scantily clad gold number will serve as a preview for the “Jaded” music video.

The provocative picture comes on the heels of a video clip in which Miley flaunts her toned body while frolicking in a field while wearing the same daringly low-cut swimsuit.

Her song “Flowers” plays in the backdrop while a caption expresses gratitude to listeners.

“Thanks a billion. I love you,” Miley declares her undying love for her companion.

Her devoted following quickly reacted with expressions of enthusiasm for both “Flowers” and “Jaded,” as well as compliments on her swimsuit waxing skills.