Miley Cyrus Has a Smoke Break During Palm Springs Trip With Liam


Seen puffin’ on a cigarette, Miley Cyrus paused for a smoke during a trip to Palm Springs, California. Accompanied by husband-to-be Liam Hemsworth, Miley continued to keep up her new punk inspired style, complete with short blonde hair. She wore a black cropped rollneck sweater teamed with high-waisted black&white pinstripe skinny jeans which were tucked into patent black Doc Martin style boots. She completed the look with a black shoulder bag and a gold necklace. Miley’s style has gone in a completely new direction very dramatically as of late, but she continues to grow her new look and is experimenting with new styles in the process.

Miley seems like a fully grown adult these days, she’s come a long way from those Hannah Montana years (was that even her? It doesn’t look that way!!). Miley is clearly trying to build a new life away from all that Disney junk – not that it was terrible but it clearly isn’t her anymore, and now that her style is revamped, we’re just waiting for her to do something new with her career – a major film role or a new musical direction? Miley’s about to surprise us, and she already has with this new image she’s creating. It must have shocked Liam at first but he’s hanging in there!