Miley Cyrus Says She Won’t Be Repeating Her Raunchy VMA Performance


Miley Cyrus says she doesn’t have any intention of repeating her raunchy MTV VMAs performance which involved twerking, grinding and a lot of tongue – the show received a lot of complains for Miley’s routine which was branded inappropriate because of her naughty dancing technique. The singer says she wasn’t even trying to be sexy at the time and laughs about her famous twerking dance which she knows is bit ridiculous:

 “I wasn’t trying to be sexy. If I was trying to be sexy, I could have been sexy. I can dance a lot better than I was dancing. People are like, ‘Miley thinks she’s a black girl, but she’s got the flattest ass ever,’ I’m like, I’m 108 pounds! I know! Now people expect me to come out and twerk with my tongue out all the time. I’ll probably never do that sh-t again.”

Miley recently collaborated with Kanye West on a song and she says the two are now good friends. She says she is glad to know an industry insider like Kanye because she can turn to him for advice:

“He said, ‘I still can’t quit thinking about your performance,’ Kanye is the sh-t. I kind of have a good relationship with him now. It’s good to have someone you can call and be like, ‘Yo, do you think I should wear this?’ ‘Do you think I should go in the studio with this guy?’ ‘Do you think this is cool?’ That’s what homies are supposed to do.”

The singer believes the world is slowly changing and she believes it will be different in the future:

“The gays are getting married, we’re all collaborating. I would never think about the color of my dancers, like, ‘Ooh, that might be controversial.’ What do you mean? Times are changing. I think there’s a generation or two left, and then it’s gonna be a whole new world.”