Miley Cyrus is Good at “Talking People Off the Ledge”

Miley Cyrus has revealed that his mother Tish believes her major talent is for making people less stressed when they feel like they’re on the edge. Miley’s mom even believes this is her “best feature” and that she’s got a great ability to making people unwind when they need it the most:

”What’s my best feature? My mum is always like, ‘You’re good at talking people off the ledge.’ People can get so stressed, whereas I can make life seem really simple. I’ll make mistakes sometimes, but my heart is in the right place.”

Miley admits that at times she can be too honest and that can actually be a bad thing because sometimes it comes across as rude or offensive – she even says she can’t fake it when she needs to cover something up and has to be completely honest:

”I can be too honest. I’m not rude but if I’m not feeling something, I can’t fake it. I like honesty.”

Speaking on online death hoaxes, Miley admits that they regularly affect her mother who receives texts from friends and sometimes she’s even lead to believe the lies before she checks in on her daughter:

”I die every week. It really freaks my mum out, because people will text her about it and she’s a nervous wreck.”