Miley Cyrus Experimenting With Women According to Reports


Miley Cyrus has been having fun exploring her sexuality following his split from long time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth according to reports. The singer is rumored to be experimenting with women and has supposedly even been heard boasting about several threesomes she took part in. Miley recently posted an Instagram photo of herself alongside British model Cara Delevingne in which the two are seen touching tongues which kicked off the rumors, while now Life & Style have news from an insider who says Miley is bisexual and has hooking up with women lately:

“She’s been experimenting with women and even brags that she’s had threesomes,” said the source, adding that Miley “is definitely bisexual. She has women over to her house all the time and hooks up with them. Lately she is more interested in women than men. She was completely brokenhearted after Liam and is kind of over men for the time being. I wouldn’t be surprised if a woman came out and said she has hooked up with her soon.”

The insider expresses concern for Miley. They believe that  it won’t be long before her so-called friends will try to cash in on what they know about the singer’s antics behind closed doors and will sell her out. They think Miley is playing a dangerous game because of how famous she is:

“Engaging in bad behavior in front of people the way Miley does is like playing Russian roulette, it’s just a matter of time before one of her so-called friends attempts to sell her out.”