Honkai: Star Rail Rating Pistol: A Comprehensive List of Character Ratings

Honkai Star Rail Rating Pistol

Are you a dedicated Honkai: Star Rail player, constantly wondering about the quirky and enigmatic Rating Pistol and the scores it assigns to your beloved characters? Well, wonder no more! We have managed to obtain the complete list of character ratings for your satisfaction.

Honkai: Star Rail Rating Pistol Scores

Upon interacting with the Rating Pistol, each character receives a numerical score ranging from 0 to 100. These ratings, however, bear no apparent correlation with a character’s strength, equipment, or lore-established prowess. For instance, the mighty Jingliu receives a score of 0, while Dan Heng, in both his playable forms, garners a respectable 88. Such discrepancies leave players scratching their heads, wondering what criteria the Rating Pistol employs in its evaluations.

Character Rating Score Notes
Arlan 55
Asta 29
Bailu 71
Blade 42
Bronya 37
Clara 70 and 26 Two scores are given for both Clara and Svarog. It’s implied that Clara is the one receiving 70.
Dan Heng 88
Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae 88
Fu Xuan 77
Gepard 62
Guinaifen 13
Herta 4
Himeko 9
Hook 6
Huohuo 0 and 5 Two scores are given for both Huohuo and Tail, but it’s not clear who got which score exactly.
Jing Yuan Rating invalid
Jingliu 0 Gives you the Absolute Zero achievement.
Kafka 90
Luka 75
Luocha Rating invalid
Lynx 7
March 7th Rating invalid
Natasha 32
Pela 93
Qingque 66
Sampo Rating invalid
Seele 33
Serval 67
Silver Wolf 110 The Curio Management Log entries suggest that she hacked her score.
Sushang 18
Tingyun 13
Topaz and Numby 2 Only one score is given. Unknown if that’s Topaz or Numby.
Trailblazer 84 Same score regardless of Path or gender.
Welt 5
Yanqing 99
Yukong 20

A Dev’s Playful Prank or a Hidden Puzzle?

Some speculate that the Rating Pistol is merely a playful jest concocted by the developers, a whimsical addition to the game’s rich tapestry of curiosities. Others, however, harbor suspicions that a deeper meaning lies beneath the Pistol’s seemingly nonsensical ratings. Perhaps there exists a hidden pattern or code embedded within the scores, waiting to be deciphered by astute players.

Perhaps, in due time, an event or revelation will shed light on the Pistol’s true purpose and the significance of its ratings. Until then, the Rating Pistol remains an intriguing enigma, a testament to the game’s penchant for hidden secrets and unexpected twists. So, the next time you find yourself wandering the halls of Herta Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail, be sure to pay a visit to the Rating Pistol. Who knows what secrets it might reveal to those daring enough to seek its judgment?