Masking Incorrectly Poisons Skin

Covering with mask is one of the simple ways to beautify, hut not all people do this thing with correct way.

Masking in a long time can cause new lines.

Many people have wrong view that covering with mask in a long time will bring faster effect. However, this thing means that your skin is easily dry and it will lose natural moisture. Masking in a long time can make skin tight and it can easily create new lines.

To kinds of mask having strong bleaching feature, masking in a long time can make your skin have allergy and itch.


The golden time for masking is evening and you should only mask in about 15-20 minutes. Kinds of fruit that have strong bleaching feature like strawberry should be kept in 10-15 minutes.

Masking thickly will make skin contaminate bacteria.

Masking on surface of skin will make temperature of skin increase. This thing means that pore will widen, so it can make dust cling on skin more.

Moreover, the thick cover of mask will prevent the process of water evaporating on surface of skin. This state will last during time of masking. Unintentionally, pore will be nest of bacteria and it will give chance for spot to appear.

         The thick cover of mask will prevent process of water evaporating on surface of skin.        


You should wash your dace cleanly before masking and you should mask with thin cover.

Masking regularly will make skin weak.

Many people think that masking will be good for skin, so they think wrongly that masking regularly will make skin of face smooth and have full of vitality. They don’t know that masking regularly will unintentionally make natural oil cover that protects on surface of skin lose. As a result, your skin will lose ability to prevent effects of environment and so skin can easily be harmed.


To prove effect from this beautification, you should only use moisturizing mask about 2-3 times/week, 2-3 times/week for remedy mask.

You shouldn’t mask regularly because this thing can make skin become weak.

Masking things that you like can cause allergy.

Many people don’t understand their skin’s state, they follow other people’ advice about good kinds of mask, and as a result, they use masks casually. Therefore, after masking, may people have rash and itch. In addition, each kind of mask is suitable for each kind of skin: moisturizing mask can intensify minerals and it is suitable for dried skin, oil absorbing mask is suitable for oily skin… Masking incorrectly will be counterproductive, and as a result, it can make skin dried, shriveled and itchy.


Before using, you should read the direction on the product carefully and ask experts to check your skin to choose suitable kind. In the first time using, you should try with a small angle on wrist or brow. You can continue using if you don’t recognize allergic phenomenon.