Marvel’s Midnight Suns Guide – How to complete Hulk Legendary Challenge

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Looking for help completing the Hulk Legendary Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns? Check out this guide right away.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Guide – How to complete Hulk Legendary Challenge

The challenge requires you to generate five points of Rage in order for the Worldbreaker ability to appear in your hand. As a result, you must play certain cards in the correct order. Otherwise, Hulk may run out of Rage or cards near the end of the battle.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Gamma Kick the farthest mob into the wall.

Hulk Legendary Challenge 1

  • Gamma Kick the enemy in the center, sending it flying into the wall. . We’re doing this because Gamma Kick depletes Rage. Because you don’t have Rage at the start of the battle, it won’t count against what we’ve accumulated. Anyway, use Smash followed by Crush to kill the middle enemy. You will be given Rampage.

Hulk Legendary Challenge 2

  • Cast Rampage and deal damage to the three enemies to your left.

You now have four taunted enemies as well as an extra Smash card. Make the hostiles attack you by using Let’s Do This. This will grant you four Rage points. Finally, use Smash on someone to earn the final point.

When your Rage meter is full, the Worldbreaker Legendary Card will become available to Hulk. Use it to obliterate everything on the battlefield and complete this mission. When upgraded, this ability gains the following benefits: Damage and Forceful Knockback all enemies; +1 Rage for each KO; Exhaust.

While it is true that Worldbreaker has a high cost, there are skills that can either lower it or speed up the acquisition of Heroism. It’s one of the most potent abilities in the game because it essentially hits every opponent on the map, sending them flying into obstacles and explosives.