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Love Island’s Haris Namani talks about a fight between Zara and Tanyel that wasn’t shown on the show

Haris Namani, one of the Love Island contestants, has said that Zara Lackenby-Brown and Tanyel Revan had an argument in the South African villa that was censored by ITV.

The argument between Zara Lackenby-Brown and Tanyel Revan, which was never shown on television, has been revealed

(Image: ITV)

The 21-year-old was evicted from the South African villa last week after a recoupling. The celebrity has taken to social media to reveal more about his time on the show.

While participating in a TikTok Live, Haris informed viewers that conflicts between Islanders are not always shown on the show.

(Image: Instagram / Tanyel Revan)

After stealing Tom Clare, 23, from Olivia Hawkins, 27, Zara, 25 has been a drama queen and dream girl. Since entering the villa, she has reconciled with her friend Olivia and calmed down her relationship with him.

Haris now claims that Zara, 23, and Tanyel, 26, got into a physical altercation. Grazia Daily reports that he said the following: “Tanyel just had an argument with Zara that I didn’t want to see or hear, so I told her to go upstairs.”

As soon as the news broke, fans flocked to the comments section to express their bewilderment. Someone posted: “Hold on, we didn’t see anything between them? What happened?”

A different author put it this way: “What happened with Zara and Tanyel?”

While Haris didn’t go into detail, he did say that other contestants on the show weren’t too fond of Zara’s antics.

“Zara started showing sides that people didn’t want to see,” he said. “I didn’t have a problem with her. It was always the case with Zara, she wanted to know what people would talk to Tom about. I’m like, ‘It’s been three or four days, just chill the f**k out’. She wanted to be in control. Ron made her aware that you can’t do that.”

OK! contacted Love Island representatives for comment, and they said: “As we have said before, it is not possible to show everything that happens in the villa due to time constraints.

“It is always our intention to produce a show that is a fair and accurate representation of life in the villa.”

In the latest bit of drama, Zara revealed to Olivia on Tuesday night that Tom had kissed new bombshell Ellie Spence.

The two had a talk in an effort to make up, but it ended with Olivia in tears and the audience relieved that Tom was being “exposed” for his behavior.

(Image: ITV)

Zara then confronted him in front of the boys at the fire pit, referring to him as a “community p***s.” Zara said ironically, “I hope your parents are proud of you,” and that was the comment that set Tom off.

Anger at the remark caused Tom to jump up from his seat, and he and a few of the other boys stormed out of the room.

Tom tore off his pink jacket and threw it on the floor as he entered the villa, shouting, “F**k this,” before Shaq entered to try and calm him down.