Love Island’s Gabby Allen ‘covering her breasts with one hand’ for a sultry photo shoot as she sunbathes in Bali

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The ex-reality star, who was featured on Love Island Season 3 in 2017, is currently on a relaxing vacation in Bali, where she posed scantily clad in the sun.

Gabby Allen strips down for a sultry photo shoot as she sunbathes in Bali

Gabby Allen has been basking in the rays of Bali’s sun after putting in long hours filming and editing a series of fitness videos for her followers.

After teasing her 1 million Instagram followers with a topless selfie that left little to the imagination, the blonde Liverpudlian stripped off for a topless sunbathe by the pool.

Celebrity with a six-pack teased fans while wearing only a bikini while relaxing on a sun lounger. She titled the racy photo “Operation TAN,” despite the fact that she was covering her breasts with one hand.

This steamy photo is just one example of the many that Gabby has taken during her incredible vacation in Bali, where she has seen natural waterfalls and unbelievable views.

Gabby and her boyfriend Brandon Myers have been on a tropical vacation in Bali since the beginning of the month. After meeting in August of 2020, the couple has been together for three years.

After admitting her previous relationships were “to shame” thanks to Brandon, who is also a reality star and has appeared on MTV’s Ex On The Beach, Gabby has admitted he is a welcome addition to her love life.

The couple made their relationship official in 2020, and she posted on Instagram at the time that “Good things take time.”

(Image: gabbydawnallen/Instagram)

One of her fans asked in a question and answer session: “How did you know you were ready for another relationship after your last one?”

Gabby responded: “I didn’t. It was a slow burner. But this is VERY different to any relationship I’ve been in before.

“It puts most of my others to shame and I can’t believe what I put up with to how well I am respected and how loved I feel now. It puts everything into perspective when someone treats you right.”

Gabby joined the cast of the third season of Love Island in 2017, where she met her partner, the ex-Blazing Squad singer Marcel Somerville.

Although they became romantically involved while in the villa, their relationship did not last beyond the airing of the show. Instead, Gabby moved on to Myles Stephenson of Rak-Su and they broke up a year later.