”Look unhomely!” Fans of Mark and Michelle Keegan are mystified by the £3.5 million remodeled mansion’s circular cream sofa

Fans of Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have spoken out about the couple’s unusual round sofa, saying it makes the couple’s otherwise stunning mansion ”look unhomely”

Fans are baffled by Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s unusual circular sofa

(Image: wrightyhome/Instagram)


They spent years sprucing up their £3.5 million Essex mansion, and now it has its own Instagram account in their honor.

Mark and Michelle’s unique living room features a round, cream sofa that encircles a small circular table, as seen in a recent Instagram post.

“One of our beautiful sofas and pillow collection by @bellahomeinteriors this one is in our kitchen lounge area,” they wrote alongside the snap.

“Will show you the others soon.”

(Image: wrightyhome/Instagram)

Some of the celebrity couple’s fans have said the new piece of furniture makes their home look “unhomely,” while others have defended their choice.

“Doesn’t look very comfortable,” said one person of the sofa, as someone else said: “Looks like a 5 star hotel not homely all staged”.

In the meantime, people rallied to Mark and Michelle’s aid.

“No ones having an egg and bacon sandwich on there!! But it looks beautiful”.

Due to Mark and Michelle’s hard work, the estimated value of their Essex home, which they purchased for £1.3 million in 2019, has increased to an eye-popping £3.5 million.

(Image: wrightyhome/Instagram)

The famous couple has long been proud to show off their stunning mansion, which has been likened to the house from Home Alone during the holidays due to the elaborate decorations.

Mark posted a quick video to Instagram in December to document the arctic blizzard that had blanketed his home in a layer of pure white snow.

Several centimeters of snow could be seen on the ground and trees throughout the duration of the clip, and snowfall was still ongoing.

Extensive green, orange, and yellow holiday lights illuminated the exterior of the house, making it look like a scene from a greeting card and adding a splash of color to the garden.

A large illuminated wreath hung above Mark and Michelle’s bedroom window, and a beautiful arrangement adorned the pillars at their front door.

As if that weren’t enough, they also had lights on the roof and a pair of illuminated reindeer in the front yard.