Liv Tyler Reveals Her Natural Beauty Secrets: Salts & Oils

Posted by PZ on September 2nd, 2017


Actress Liv Tyler has spilled some of her top very natural beauty secrets. Always with a flawless complexion, Liv says she often treats her skin to some simple but effective treatments and loves to take very hot baths. She comments that she likes to add soothing salts and oils while soaking in the tub, and she also believes in exfoliating regularly to keep her skin looking fresh and dewy. Liv also likes to rejuvenate by taking fasting weeks and thinks sleep can make a huge difference:

“I do really hot baths with different salts and oils a few times a week and exfoliate. I also believe in going to We Care, doing a week of fasting, colonics, and sleeping a lot.”

Speaking on the idea of beauty and the pressure to always look good, Liv says that the only thing people can do is try to look and feel their own personal best because it is too difficult to always be in competition with others. She says she doesn’t have that competitive streak and thinks other women are very interesting:

“It’s a competitive world, I guess, but all we can do is feel our best, I’m not a competitive person. I love women, I’m intrigued by them. I think they’re fascinating and complex.”

The actress adds that she also believes beauty is something internal and wisely says you can’t fix people who just aren’t nice to others:

“There’s no cream that can fix you if you’re not beautiful on the inside.”

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