Liv Tyler Was a “Giant” Growing Up, Now Loves High Heels

Posted by PZ on June 28th, 2011


Liv Tyler is a statuesque 5ft 10in – taller than the average, and something which she says she embraces these days, but while growing up, she felt like a “giant”. Liv, who has a huge collection of high heels that further accentuate her height, says she no longer feels so shy about being tall:

“I’m obsessed with wearing heels all the time now, these Louboutin heels. They’re really comfortable. I was this tall when I was, I think, 11? So at 11 I was five feet 10 inches and I had size 10 shoes. This came to me like a light bulb recently, like, ‘Why am I so shy when I’m tall?’ and ‘Why do I feel better in flats and Converse?’ “

Liv says that as a child she was taller than many of the boys:

“It’s because I was a giant at 11 years old and I was so much taller than everyone. All the boys! But today I feel happy to be tall.”

Liv comments that although she loves dressing up for events, it’s great to relax when she gets home:

“I really enjoy dressing up but the moment I get home I take everything off and put my sweats on or my pyjamas – I like to be comfortable. I still have my original pair of Converse trainers from when I was a teenager somewhere in my closet.”

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