Lifeline Gets a Revival: Leaked Abilities for “Lifeline Revived” in Apex Legends

Following Revenant’s recent overhaul, leaks suggest our favorite combat medic is next in line for a major rework in Apex Legends. Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far about the potential changes to this beloved Support Legend:

Apex Legends Lifeline Rework: New Abilities Leaked for “Lifeline Revived”

Lifeline Gets a Mobility Boost and More

Leaked by KralRindo, a reliable source within the Apex Legends community, “Lifeline Revived” suggests a complete overhaul of the character’s kit.

While her core passive of reviving teammates remains, she’ll reportedly gain a new twist: a 3-second glide ability by holding her D.O.C. Heal Drone. This injects much-needed mobility into Lifeline’s gameplay, allowing her to reach teammates in precarious positions or reposition during firefights.

D.O.C. Goes Mobile

The leaks claim that D.O.C. itself will receive an upgrade, transforming into a mobile healing companion. No longer tethered to a location, the drone will be able to follow Lifeline and her team.

Additionally, KralRindo suggests the ability to command the drone, potentially similar to Crypto’s surveillance drone. This would allow for more strategic placement and healing prioritization.

Care Package Out, Shockbot 3000 In

The biggest change comes with Lifeline’s reworked Ultimate. The iconic Care Package is replaced with the “Shockbot 3000.” This deployable bot reportedly acts as a defensive measure, forcefully pushing enemies out of the area. The bot itself is said to be destructible, adding a tactical layer to its use.

Remember, It’s Still Unconfirmed

It’s crucial to note that this information is based solely on leaks. Respawn Entertainment hasn’t officially confirmed any details about a Lifeline rework. However, given the character’s need for a refresh and the established track record of these leakers, there’s a good chance we’ll see significant changes to Lifeline in the coming seasons.

Stay tuned as we update this article with any official announcements from Respawn regarding Lifeline’s potential rework.