LEGO Fortnite: How to Build Your Own Monorail

LEGO Fortnite Monorail

Calling all builders and Battle Royale enthusiasts! Ever dreamed of zipping across the LEGO Fortnite island on your own personal monorail? Well, grab your bricks and get ready to make your dreams a reality with this easy-to-follow guide.

LEGO Fortnite: How to Build Your Own Monorail

Before embarking on this bricky adventure, you’ll need to gather some essential supplies:

  • Wood Foundation 02 x2
  • Railings x2
  • A hefty stack of Thin Floors (amount depends on desired track length and floor type)
  • Dynamic Foundations x2
  • Activation Switches x2
  • Large Thrusters x6
  • Small Wheels x8

With your inventory prepped, it’s time to unleash your inner engineer:

  1. Begin by laying your Thin Floors in a straight line, stretching from your desired starting point to your destination. Choose your preferred floor type, like Ancient Thin Floor, for a touch of thematic flair.
  2. At one side of your track, place two Dynamic Foundations next to each other, ensuring they’re centered and have a gap between them.
  3. Position a Wood Foundation 02 at the front of one platform and the back of the other, opposing each other. One platform will propel you forward, the other, backward.
  4. Attach three Large Thrusters to the back of each Wood Foundation, pointing in opposite directions.

  1. Add some railings around each platform using your chosen railing style to prevent any unfortunate falls.
  2. Under each platform, place four Small Wheels, two on each side of the track, ensuring no gaps remain.
  3. Finally, place an Activation Switch on top of either platform.

Now for the moment of truth! Stand on the platform with the outward-facing Thrusters, flip the switch, and prepare for liftoff! The Thrusters will roar to life, sending you hurtling down the tracks towards your chosen destination. When you arrive, simply flip the switch again to stop.

With a little creativity and this handy guide, you’ll be riding the rails of LEGO Fortnite in no time! So grab your bricks, channel your inner Donatello, and let the building (and battling) commence!