How to Craft the Purple Epic Sword and Obtain Cursed Bone in LEGO Fortnite

lego fortnite Purple Epic Sword
Image via Epic Games

Ready to take your LEGO Fortnite experience to the next level? Discover how to craft the devastating Purple Epic Sword and acquire the elusive Cursed Bone, vital ingredients for crafting the game’s most formidable gear.

How to Craft the Purple Epic Sword in LEGO Fortnite

This formidable weapon boasts high damage and exceptional durability, making it a late-game powerhouse. However, crafting it requires an upgraded Epic Crafting Bench. To learn how, check out our dedicated guide!

With your Epic Crafting Table ready, head over and check the available recipes. The Epic Longsword awaits, crafted with a simple yet demanding requirement: 12 Iron Bars.

Iron Bars aren’t directly available. Instead, you’ll need to craft them using the Metal Smelter. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 15 Brightcores: Mine them in the desert biome’s Dry Valley caves.
  • 35 Obsidian Slabs: Obtained by smelting Obsidian Ore, found in the Volcano biome’s caves.
  • 3 Blast Cores: Found in Chests scattered throughout the game world.

With all your materials gathered, head back to the Epic Crafting Table and craft the Epic Longsword. Now, wield this powerful weapon and hack your way through LEGO Fortnite’s late-game challenges with confidence!

How to Obtain Cursed Bone in LEGO Fortnite

This valuable material unlocks the strongest armor in LEGO Fortnite. But be warned, it’s a late-game challenge, requiring cave exploration in the frigid Frostlands.

First, ensure you have frost resistance. Snowberries, Spicy Burgers, anything works! Remember, effectiveness matters in such harsh environments.

Next, craft an Inner Fire Charm to survive the caves. This requires:

  • 3 Heavy Wool Thread
  • 30 Brightcores
  • 10 Blast Cores
  • 1 Frost Brute Scale

Craft at least three charms and carry a chili for extra warmth.

Finally, face the fearsome Bone Wolves in the Frostlands caves. They’re tough, so arm yourself well with armor, weapons, and explosives. Each fallen Bone Wolf grants you a Cursed Bone, a key ingredient for forging legendary armor and empowering your character.

With the Purple Epic Sword and the Cursed Bone, your LEGO Fortnite adventure will reach new heights of power and glory! So, embark on your quest, wield your might, and let the legend of your name echo through the brick-built world!