Lamar Odom Might be Taking Drugs, Khloe Kardashian Has Twitter Rant


Lamar Odom might be battling a drug addiction according to reports. Although there is little information regarding the actual substance of choice (rumors say anything from crack to OxyContin), reports say that he has been using “hardcore recreational drugs” for about two years now. He apparently even tried to kick his addiction with a rehab stint last August but only managed to stay for three weeks before checking out. A source commented that Khloe is struggling with this:

“It’s a really hard time for Khloe, she’s kept this secret for almost two years trying to save Lamar and their marriage.”

The source adds that Lamar doesn’t ever acknowledge his problem and won’t get help even though he needs it:

“Lamar genuinely doesn’t think he has a problem -– it’s all ‘work hard then party hard’ with him until it goes off the rails, they really do love each other. But she really feels that this problem is out of control, and she’s hurt that he won’t get help.”

Khloe, seemingly quite upset by the rumors, took to twitter to rant about the stories but refused to clear up any of the reports:

“Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk shit about my family! Fuck you and shame on you! I’m too protective for this shit!”

This news comes following months of cheating allegations which have surrounded Khloe and Lamar’s marriage. For those of you who are conspiracy theorists, what are the chances that Kris Jenner is behind this, trying to make Lamar look bad so Khloe can dump him easily? Anything is possible..