Lamar Odom is Detoxing Himself in a Los Angeles Hotel Room


Lamar Odom, who was last seen picking up some Taco Bell (above) with his wedding ring still on, is reportedly detoxing himself at a Los Angeles hotel. Surrounded by friends and family who are making sure he doesn’t touch any more drugs, Lamar hopes he can kick his addiction without having to check in to rehab. There has been much speculation regarding his drug of choice, latest reports say cocaine. A source said:

“The problem is cocaine, he would be high for three or four days at a time… The addiction had taken over [his] marriage.”

Khloe has supposedly kicked Lamar out of their home, which would explain why he’s staying in a hotel for now, but she is still hoping to figure things out and ultimately  “wants to save her marriage and him.” There is also a new story going around about one of Lamar’s alleged mistresses being knocked up with his baby, which would obviously be like a knife through Khloe’s heart – but it’s the kind of ‘giant pinch of salt’ story we can ignore until there is some proper proof from these women who seem desperate to make money for their Lamar-related stories without any real evidence.