Kim Kardashian, 42, is called a “Khloe wannabe” because she mimics her sister’s characteristic pucker-up posture while almost bursting out of a bikini top

The SKIMS founder, with raven hair pulled down and makeup just so, was virtually bursting out of a black string bikini as she snapped selfie after selfie.

Kim Kardashian, 42, is called a "Khloe wannabe" because she mimics her sister's characteristic pucker-up posture while almost bursting out of a bikini top

The 42-year-old reality star has been called a “Khloe want tobe” for mimicking her sister’s characteristic pucker-up stance while practically bursting out of a bikini top

On Tuesday afternoon, Kim Kardashian updated her 348 million Instagram followers with three new pinup photos.

The 42-year-old reality TV dynamo, who went out last week with Kylie Jenner, looked different, though; perhaps it was the heavy overlining of her lips.

In addition, the fans of Kanye West’s ex-wife seemed to take note of the steamy post in the accompanying comments area.

Kim was called a “Khloe want tobe” by an anonymous source. Khloe, 38, is Kim’s younger sister and is known for pouting for the camera.

(Source: Instagram/@Khloe Kardashian)

The designer for Good American has previously made the same pouty look, so the follower may have had a point.

One of Kim‘s followers said sarcastically, ‘This was a nice throwback to 2014,’ with another saying, ‘2011 kim made a comeback here omg’ which was suggesting Kim had used too many filters to make herself appear youthful.”

Then, a troll said, “You’re 48′ which was odd as she did not look older, but, rather, she appeared younger than usual.”

Kush Papi, though, was more upbeat, saying that the visuals were so sizzling he almost lost control of his vehicle.

Someone else simply wrote, “Kim for President 2024.”

Most likely, the pictures were taken during a shoot that was published on March 1.

She debuted a new black string bikini from her second SKIMS collection two weeks ago; she describes it as “game-changing swimwear designed for more than the water.”

An outdoor shower made of gray concrete was the setting for the veteran of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The ex-wife of Reggie Bush wore a yellow gold belly chain with a cross pendant to complement her swimwear ensemble.

The businesswoman, wearing a diamond-studded chain anklet, struck supermodel poses to promote the $72 bikini.

Kim’s raven hair was loosely draped over her naked shoulders, and she wore no makeup to draw attention away from her incredibly toned body. Her waist was really small, and her abs were incredibly amazing.

Kardashian was spotted working out intensely for two hours the day before.

The jetsetter, fresh from a stint as a fashion model in Europe, was lifting big weights in a gym.

The actress lifted a weight that said “80 Iron Grip” on one side by bending at the back rather than the knees.

The reality personality paired the same tank top with leggings to show off the incredible effects of her rigorous exercise routine.

The Skims creator also revealed she had spent two hours at the gym with the 40-year-old inventor of the CrushIt app, Senada Greca.

The ex-girlfriend of Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson said she was getting over “jet lag” from her time in Europe for the Dolce & Gabbana event and filming of her show The Kardashians.

She was practicing with Senada last week while wearing a bra top. We’ve been making “immense gains,” as the Instagram story put it.

There’s “Nothing like a 2 hr workout w Senada Greca to get my jet lag back on track,”  she wrote over one of the photographs.

To be able to cross off a successful workout from one’s daily calendar is the nicest feeling ever, she said, and “finishing out strong” is the best sensation ever.

Senada, who is friends with the Kardashians star, uploaded a snapshot of the two of them and gushed over her work ethic earlier this month.

“The hardest working woman in the room!”  she exclaimed.

“Yes you heard that right! It’s my honour to be training with Kim and to see the person that she truly is: hard working, dedicated, consistent and caring,”

“She puts in the work for 2 hours and never complains even when I push her past what she would think are her limits.”

“I know the strength that lays within her, and now, together, we’re working on Kim stepping into her strength.”

“So excited about this journey.”

Kim then wrote back,  “I’m so excited for our journey. Stepping into strength with you.”