Kendall Jenner Wears Tiny Printed Short-Shorts to the Cinema in Calabasas

Reality star Kendall Jenner was spotted exiting the cinema after watching ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ with friends. The teen model wore a pair of light printed hotpants which she teamed with a simple white t-shirt and aviator sunglasses. Completing her look with a small purse littered with a variety of key-chains, Kendall looked cute in her summery casual outfit. She may be quite young to be wearing such tiny shorts, but she has a model figure and she looks great – besides, there is something un-slutty about it that makes it work – it’s just a nice warm weather outfit.

Kendall’s style seems to get better and better – she’s clearly paying attention and is experimenting with her own style too. This look may flash some flesh, but it’s also stylish – the printed shorts make this outfit stand out. With long sleek straight hair and minimal makeup, Kendall is nothing short of effortless here, and her super long legs are accented by her outfit choice. Kendall has a shot at being normal as she grows up in the midst of all the Kardashian chaos – there is a glimmer of hope for her!