Kendall Jenner shows off her “long a** hands and fingers” in reaction to admirers who claimed her latest swimsuit photo was a Photoshop disaster

The rumors that a swimsuit shot Kendall Jenner uploaded on Instagram had been doctored have been addressed by the model.

In reaction to fans’ claims that her latest swimsuit photo was Photoshopped, Kendall Jenner shows off her “long a** hands and fingers”

Kendall Jenner shows off her "long a** hands and fingers" in reaction to admirers who claimed her latest swimsuit photo was a Photoshop disaster

The video showed Kendall laughing off the criticism of her purported Photoshop disaster.

Hailey captioned a video of Kendall, 27, grinning while showing off her hand and finger length with the phrase “Been had long a** hands x fingers’ with the alien emoji and spaceship emoji.”

On Instagram, Kendall wore a white tee with a pair of trousers and a belt, as shown in one of Hailey’s stories.

(Source: Instagram/@Hailey Bieber)

The model appeared in an Instagram story shared by her friend Hailey Bieber, showing off her arms and hand, seemingly to dispel accusations that she had altered her bikini photo to make her arm appear unnaturally stretched.

Fans have been keeping a close eye on Kendall since since her newest Instagram photo was criticized for appearing to be the result of a Photoshop disaster earlier this week.

This weekend, the 27-year-old proprietor of 818 Tequila uploaded a slideshow of photos on her website, many of which featured her in a bikini.

The controversial photo was published earlier this week, and it features the woman donning a very revealing thong bikini.

The photo in question depicted the reality TV star’s hand as she knelt, making it look unnaturally long.

Recently spotted with Justine Skye, Jenner donned a stringy, dark bikini with a basic thong design that exposed her derriere.

Both “Edits gone wrong in the fourth pic,’ while another asked, ‘Babe you’re amazing… but what in the world is going on with your hand in the 4th photo?” were posted by followers.

Kendall, who is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, is naturally thin and frail and has been made fun of for her small stature and gangly limbs.

The former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star joked last year that she would “block all toe comments” in response to her photos of herself posing in a pair of black sandals on Instagram.

The Vogue cover girl captioned a sequence of photographs of herself wearing a body-hugging maxi dress with a little split, “I’m blocking all toe comments.”

The stunning woman revealed that she had endured unpleasant remarks about her feet ever since she was a youngster.

During a 2015 interview, she joked that she had “the longest toes in the world.”

The toes look like spider webs. This is what she told Elle magazine. “I have spider fingers, too!”

The startling shot of Jenner in a cement enclave on a beach included her wet hair falling down her back and over her face, and drew a lot of criticism.

Sand, mountains, and an ocean formed the background for her as the sun illuminated the scene.

Kendall just wrote “31 hours” under the series of images without identifying her location or providing any other context.

Around five million of her 276 million followers liked the post, despite the negative feedback from other fans and trolls.

It wasn’t the only photo in the collection of Kendall in which she was wearing swimwear; the model also appeared in a lime green bikini.

She sat in a reclining lounge chair in the sun, looking calm and carefree.

The bombshell flaunted her model form in the little two-piece while wearing dark, ombre-tinted eyeglasses.

Like her older sister Kim Kardashian, 42, Jenner has been the target of several Photoshop fail callouts from her legion of followers.

The billionaire’s wife flaunted her toned body in a little black bra with Swarovski crystals and a matching thong.

Several of her followers thought she had photoshopped her legs in the movies, while others argued it was “clearly a mirror.”

Kim looked amazing during the November 2016 at-home photoshoot for the promotion of her SKIMS holiday range.

Someone on Reddit, however, provided a close-up of Kim’s legs and asked, “What’s happening to Kimothy here?” It appears as though her inner thigh has a seam.

Sarcastically, one user commented, “It’s the zipper of her skin suit, obv.”

A second voice chimed in, “What is going on with the thighs and are they going over the undies or what??!”

A TikTok user showed how Kim supposedly slimmed down her neck in a poolside photo, which was taken months earlier.

Photographer Caroline Ross uploaded a TikTok video claiming to illustrate how Kim tweaked her trapezius muscle for a portrait promoting her Beats collaboration earlier this month.

Ross ‘fixed’ the photograph using a Photoshop tool to highlight the purported edit job done by Kim, revealing the way Kim’s neck looked before it was reportedly taken out.