Kendall Jenner addresses the criticism that followed reports that a recent swimsuit photo of hers was edited

To dispel rumors that she had manipulated her most recent photos, Kendall Jenner went on Instagram Live with her best friend Hailey Bieber.

Kendall Jenner responds to the backlash over an alleged doctored swimsuit photo

Kendall Jenner addresses the criticism that followed reports that a recent swimsuit photo of hers was edited

On Instagram Live with her BFF Hailey Bieber, Kendall flashed her bare hands. Beginning the video, 26-year-old Hailey said: “We have been sitting here analyzing… Check out how odd her hand already is.

The model, 27, has explained, however, that she just has “crazy long” hands.

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Kendall Jenner has responded to fan criticism of her “wild” hand size by denying reports that she manipulated a recent swimsuit shot.

“This is live. Live footage of the hand,” she said as she focused in on the area of Kendall’s body under scrutiny.

The reality star joked replied immediately, “It’s crazy.”

Then, Hailey remarked that Kendall’s “long a** hands and fingers” have always been there; it’s just that the Internet at large “only now” noticed it.

Fans had previously criticized the singer for what they saw as photo editing earlier in the week. The slender brunette model posted several photos of herself on Instagram, some of which showed her clad just in a tight black bikini.

In the scant swimsuit, she made quite a picture as she knelt on her tippy toes and twisted her body to face the breathtaking coastline before her and then turned back to smile for the camera.

Fans, however, were more interested in her incredibly lengthy-looking fingers than in her pert bottom because they wondered if the shot had been edited.

One admirer was quick to point out what they saw as an edited version of the fifth picture posted by the 5ft10 star, writing, “Edits gone wrong in the fourth pic.”

Another said, “Babe you’re amazing… but what in the world is going on with your hand in the 4th photo?”

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This is not the first time a member of the famous family has been accused of attempting to improve their uploads, and it won’t be the last.

On Tuesday, though, Khloe Kardashian was lauded by her followers for posting photos that appeared to have undergone minimal editing.

The 38-year-old published many photos shot of her by her sister Kendall while she was wearing a very skimpy grey bikini and posing against a wall.

The following is a quote from a devoted follower: “Yas! A Kardashian with cellulite! I love this more natural version of you Koko!,” while another said: “”I love that this is raw and shows that she’s got some texture and cellulite! It’s always refreshing when Celebs don’t over edit their photos. MORE of this.”