Katy Perry And Rihanna Waiting to Record “Iconic” Duet

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Close friends Katy Perry and Rihanna have revealed that they’re waiting to collaborate on a song because they want it to make their fans happy. Katy comments that they are waiting for greatness and feels as though there is a lot of pressure for the duet to be really amazing because it is always talked about:

”We collaborate on a lot of things, just not songs yet – we have a great friendship. Its’ one of those things where it’s gotten so much build up that if we don’t’ deliver, like, the best song… We’re both busy, but we planted a seed two years ago, we’re just looking for that special one. How disappointed would you be if that song came out and it wasn’t that good? So sometimes you have to wait for greatness.”

Katy wants the song they choose to be iconic and feel-good, but doesn’t want it to be similar to Beyonce and Shakira’s duet ‘Beautiful Liar’ because that was really sexy and that is something she wants to avoid for a change:

”I was telling her, you know the Eurythmics song featuring Aretha Franklin, ‘Sisters are Doing it for Themselves’? That’s like the kind of song which I’d like to do, rather than ‘Beautiful Liar’ – although that is still a great song. I loved that but I definitely want to do something which is iconic.”