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Kate Upton Speaks on Spa Treatments & Healthy Eating Habits


American model Kate Upton has opened up on how she likes to treat herself to a few days at the spa as a way to unwind and boost her beauty. Kate says it’s important to have time to herself to relax and she enjoys having facials and massages on her days off. The model reveals that she also employs a personal trainer who keeps her in top shape and she does her best to eat healthy when possible:

”I won’t spend any time on myself, then I’ll spend three whole days just entirely on me. It’s important to keep it up, have facials and massages and have time to yourself. I have an amazing personal trainer who keeps me motivated, informed about nutrition and staying active. He got me ready for my role in ‘The Other Woman’. I always try to work out and eat healthily because I can be on set for 12 hours at a time, so if I don’t eat healthily I crash.”

Despite being known for her amazing figure, Kate reveals that she often still feels insecure about her body and says it’s very common for women to feel bad about how they look, even to the point where they can’t enjoy themselves. However, she says she never lets her insecurities bring her down:

”I still have body insecurities all the time. I didn’t realise how many women suffer from low self-esteem, some women can’t go out and enjoy their lives if they’re feeling insecure. But when I’m feeling insecure, I still live and go out and have fun.”