Julianne Hough’s 15 Best Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Cuts

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Are you prepared to hear the understatement of the century? Julianne Hough’s hair is gorgeous. We don’t need to tell you that she is consistently one of the most-Googled celebs.

Therefore, we have compiled 15 of her most iconic looks from the past decade for your perusal (and inspiration).

List 15 of Julianne Hough’s favorite hairstyles

  • Medium wavy ash blonde hairstyle
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Loose waves through the sides and back of this medium-length cut add movement and structure, making it a great choice for balancing out a long face. The beautiful finishing touch is a sweep of those lengthy bangs to one side. You’ll need this product to keep your hair in place all day and night.

  • Medium wavy light champagne blonde hairstyle with side swept bangs
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The back and sides of this medium-length cut are styled into soft waves to create a beautiful silhouette that flatters a long face. The lengthy bangs are brushed to one side, which both frames the face and neatly finishes off the style. You need a hold and shine product.

  • Medium straight light champagne blonde hairstyle
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Julianne Hough looks stunning in a basic shoulder-length bob with a windblown finish in this photo.

This style is medium in length, and it’s been jaggedly cut, blow-waved for volume at the roots, and finished with a pinch of texturizing product at the tips.

This carefree hairdo is perfect for folks with fine to medium hair and requires only a trim every four to six weeks to maintain.

  • Medium straight light blonde hairstyle
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This light blonde mane has long layers trimmed around the perimeter to soften the edges and make it simple to pinch with styling product to generate textured ends.

This is a great style to frame a round face because the top is flattened down to curve the head and the part is in the centre.

  • Medium wavy light champagne blonde hairstyle
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The long layers and blunt ends of this style are formed by a jagged cut and a pinching action with a styling tool. This low-maintenance style is perfect for framing a long face and only requires a trim every four to six weeks.

  • Long wavy champagne blonde hairstyle with side swept bangs and light blonde highlights
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Julianne Hough goes for a romantic appearance with long disheveled waves.

This hair is styled to fall loosely over the shoulders, showcasing the voluminous waves applied to the lengths and ends. The long bangs, which are swept across the forehead, frame the face beautifully and add a touch of subtle sweetness.

Hold and shine products are necessary, and frequent trims can help prevent split ends.

  • Medium wavy updo hairstyle
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The trendy updo that Julianne Hough opts for features lots of airy bits woven throughout.

To produce this asymmetrical ‘do, hair of medium length is pulled back on one side, twisted, and pinned to the back of the head.

With the correct products and styling instruments, you can recreate this amazing ‘do in no time.

  • Long wavy layered light platinum blonde bob haircut
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Julianne Hough is stunning with her hair styled in relaxed waves.

To add subtle motion and bounce to these platinum blonde locks, loose waves have been fashioned through the sides and back. With the correct products and styling equipment, you can recreate this laid-back look in your own bathroom.

  • Long straight light platinum blonde updo hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

This updo, worn by Julianne Hough, is simple yet sophisticated, making it appropriate for either a relaxed or formal evening out.

This casual updo is perfect for framing a square face, with the platinum blonde hair pulled back, twisted, and pinned to the back of the head.

You can achieve the same style at home with the right products (for shine and hold).

  • Long straight light platinum blonde hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

Here, Julianne Hough wears her thick locks straight, which highlights her beautiful heart-shaped face.

These lengthy locks have been separated down the middle and blow dried straight. Straight hair is ideal for this style, and regular trims will be required to keep split ends at bay if you choose to go this route.

  • Long wavy light ash blonde hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

Beautiful Julianne Hough can be seen here with her long, wavy hair combed to one side.

This formal style has a lot of volume and bounce because to the large, loose waves that are styled through the lengths and ends. This style can be done in the comfort of your own home with the help of the correct tools and some shine and hold product. Split ends can be avoided with regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Medium wavy blonde bob haircut with light blonde highlights
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This hairdo seems like a blast, and Julianne Hough is having all the fun in it.

You can see that Julianne has added some life and volume to her appearance with some playful makeup and waves. It’s recommended that you have a trim every 6 weeks or so to maintain your style and keep the ends of your hair looking healthy. It’s a cute and versatile short bob that you can wear with everything.

  • Medium straight blonde and light blonde two-tone bob haircut
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Julianne Hough’s bob hairstyle is low-maintenance and straightforward.

This two-tone color that Julianne is sporting with her new cut looks wonderful, and the best part is that your natural roots will already be showing after only a few days without coloring.

The bob cut emphasizes her facial features and neck, giving the impression of an oval face.

  • Long straight brunette hairstyle with blonde highlights
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Our television screens were rocked by Julianne Hough, and now her beautiful, understated hairdo is doing the same.

If you’re looking for a look that won’t take you too much time in the morning to maintain but will still give your hair some volume and movement while framing your face, this is it.

Her hair is parted down the middle so that both sides may beautifully frame her face. The back has been somewhat raised at the base, as is evident. This is a terrific trick for making thin hair look thicker by giving the impression of height and volume to the style.

Cutting your hair every four weeks or so will help maintain the vibrancy of your hair color and the contour of your cut.

  • Long straight blonde hairstyle with light blonde highlights
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We cannot get enough of Julianne Hough’s new sleek, straight hairdo.

Their hair is both straight and beautiful. Remember to protect your hair from the straightening iron’s heat by using a heat-resistant serum first. This shield against the hair iron’s heat will do your hair good.

After you’ve finished styling your hair, spray some hairspray in it to help keep your new look in place. It will also help keep the hairstyle from unraveling at the ends. When you’re done with your hair, you should use gel to smooth it back.