Josh Duhamel Was Left Disappointed by Italian Nudist Beach


Actor Josh Duhamel has revealed that when he was younger he took off across Europe with his friends on a wine-fueled trip and was excited to stumble across a nudist beach while exploring Italy. Unfortunately the beach didn’t live up to his expectations, as instead of beautiful women, the beach was packed with naked old men sunbathing. However, he was still comforted by the cheap wine on offer:

‘When I was younger, I backpacked across Europe. My most memorable moment was when we happened [to come] across an Italian nudist beach, expecting it to be full of hot women, but it was full of old men. We had almost no money during that trip, but the wine there was cheaper than the water in the Italian Riviera. I took full advantage of that.”

Josh, who is married to ‘Black Eyed Peas’ singer Fergie also comments that the couple are both passionate about music and like to collect exotic or unusual instruments when they are traveling the world which they put on display around their home:

”I travel a lot and so does my wife, so we’ve collected some foreign music. She buys instruments from all over the world – our house is cluttered with percussion stuff from Kazakhstan and Africa. So if I’m not listening to world music, I’m listening to my wife playing world instruments.”