Jessica Pare Opens Up on Her Fashionable ‘Mad Men’ Wardrobe


‘Mad Men’ actress Jessica Pare has opened up on the distinct retro styling and regular fashion references in the hit tv show. Jessica says that the vintage inspired look is taken from old Vogue magazines and fashion campaigns which can be seen throughout the set. She believe thats it helps to see the images and get in to character by dressing the part so she enjoys seeing the old photographs:

“The references are everywhere! Old Vogue photos, Sears Roebuck catalogues and campaigns are taped up in the makeup trailer and dressing room. They inform so much of the characters.”

Speaking on her own wardrobe on the ‘Mad Men’ show, Jessica says that it has evolved as her character’s life has changed and the storyline has progressed. She started off wearing simple block colours but as the story moved on, her look became bolder and more confident which is evident through the styling:

“I wore a lot of bold colours…defined looks that included a lot of fabrics with no pattern. Then, in season five, Megan becomes the boss’s wife and a copywriter, so you see the evolution of her style. She begins to take risks, and has confidence with clothes. She thinks, ‘I can pull anything off!”

On if she would consider herself a feminist, Jessica says she definitely is because she believes women and men deserve to be equal and it would be strange to think anything else:

“Of course I’m a feminist…if you’re not for the equal treatment of men and women, then you’re a fascist.”