Jessica Alba Shares Inspiring Beauty & Body Advice

Jessica Alba has dished out some great beauty and body advice to live by. The actress turned businesswoman thinks women need to focus more of the positive elements of themselves. She encourages women to try to change negative things they don’t like about themselves but with an emphasis on feeling good and self-improvement. She believes women have a tenancy to focus on what they don’t like, while she thinks confidence comes from feeling beautiful within. She advised:

”Don’t focus on negative things, concentrate on the good times you have with your loved one. If you want to change your appearance because you don’t feel good about yourself, go for it and work hard to reach your goals. But at the end of the day, focus on your good qualities because true beauty comes from confidence in yourself, happiness and kindness. Regardless of your appearance, that’s what I think of as a beautiful women.”

Jessica says that she doesn’t even have a perfect body but she dresses to flatter what she has and also does her best to improve her body when possible by exercising. She explains that keeping fit is key to looking great, as well as staying hydrated and eating well:

”I don’t have a perfect body. I know how to emphasise my curves, that’s all. I choose clothes that accentuate my body, but it’s taken years of practice. I do sport even though it’s not enough in my opinion. I practice yoga, dance, I drink lots of water and I eat healthily. At least, I try.”