Jessica Alba Says Glowing Skin is Her “Beauty Priority”


Jessica Alba has spoken on her ideas about beauty. The actress and ‘Honest Company’ founder believes beauty shouldn’t just be about having perfect hair and makeup, and she thinks it comes from being a strong woman. She explains that she often takes some time out of her day as part of her beauty routine to make herself feel that strength:

“Beauty reflects inner strength and your best self, whether you have make-up and hair done or not. I take ten minutes (true story!) of my morning make-up routine to check in and remind myself that I’ve got this – whatever ‘this’ is.”

Jessica always looks flawless both on and off the red carpet, and the actress always has gorgeous glowing skin which she is known for. She reveals that her skin is her “beauty priority” and she puts the most time in to perfecting her complexion, because she thinks good skin just makes you more confident:

“[My skin is] my number-one beauty priority. I truly believe that having glowing skin can help you wear so many different looks; it also gives me an extra confidence booster going about my day to day if I know my skin looks great.”

Even if she’s having a bad hair day, Jessica doesn’t mind simply throwing on a hat and thinks it can look just as good:

“But at the end of the day, my love of hats is also a lifesaver – no one can really tell whether it’s about the hat or the hair underneath it! It’s natural to feel self-conscious about our looks, it is so widely reported on in the media it is hard not to.”