Jessica Alba Recalls Her Grandma’s Makeup & Beauty Tricks


Jessica Alba has recalled the original makeup and beauty tricks she picked up while living with her grandma as a young girl. She comments that her grandmother would often use lipstick on both her lips and cheeks to create a healthy rosy colour. She would also use raw aloe vera plant on her skin to moisturise. Jessica commented on the beauty secrets she picked up:

”My grandma, whom I grew up with and who helped raise me with my mum, loved aloe vera. If anything was wrong, she’d break her aloe vera plant and rub it all over. And she would put her red lipstick on her cheeks and lips, and her makeup was done.”

She adds that her mother’s makeup routine was very different and she would often opt for bold eyeshadow and plenty of blush when creating her look. Jessica reveals that her mum would never go out without applying a full face of makeup first:

“Whereas my mum, who’s Caucasian, would wear every colour under the sun. She was crazy in the eighties, with, like, four eyeshadows and loud blushes. My mum wouldn’t leave the house without having her full face on.”

When it comes to creating her own red carpet look, Jessica first looks at her outfit to decided what makeup would suit the ensemble. She prefers to look quite natural but isn’t afraid to wear a bolder eye:

”Gosh, we start with what I’m wearing, and we go from there. I don’t like my skin to look overly done. But I still love to play with makeup. I love a smoky eye or a cool coloured eyeliner. I just don’t do all of it at once.”