Jaime King on Designer Makeup Inspiration & Her Best Beauty Tips


Jaime King has opened up on how she does her makeup for events and takes care of her flawless skin. The former model reveals that she most often looks to the catwalk for inspiration because designers rarely get it wrong when it comes to beauty trends, and she likes to go over every detail to see what she wants for her red carpet look:

“I’m very methodical about the makeup I wear to each event. I grew up in fashion with a lot of these designers. So, I pretty much go straight to what they did on the runway. Unless it’s something that isn’t appropriate for that event, I try to do as much as I can to stick to the designer’s vision of what the makeup should be for that collection. Just because I know that they meticulously thought about every little detail.”

Speaking on her top beauty tips, Jaime says the key to her look is keeping her skin hydrated so she always moisturizes as much as possible. She also believes is using a good sunscreen and thinks it’s very important to take makeup off before going to sleep to allow her skin to breathe. She reveals that her mother gave her some good beauty advice while growing up:

“Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, which is what I started learning from my mom. Lots of sunscreen, which I learned from my mother. I mean my best beauty tips started from my mum. And I think that’s a really big contributor as to why my skin is very nice now, because she took care of it. It’s hard to take care of it from a very young age and to always wash our face before bed no matter what. You don’t sleep in your makeup.”