Issey Miyake: “All Design Intersects, There Are No Boundaries”

All Design Intersects, There Are No Boundaries_1

Legendary fashion designer Issey Miyake, now aged 76, has opened up on fashion design as a concept. Miyake believes that the lines between many creative art forms are blurred and there are “no boundaries” left between these different forms of artistic expression. He commented that they all “intersect” with each other in some way and he sees how easily they can overlap:

“Today, it is accepted that all design intersects, there are no boundaries between art, design and other creative activities and they all intersect.”

All Design Intersects, There Are No Boundaries_2

Issey says that his designs are all inspired by a very simple idea, that each clothing piece is made from one cloth, and this has always been his design ethos when creating any new item. He said:

“All of my work stems from the simplest of ideas that go back to the earliest civilisations: making clothing from one piece of cloth. It is my touchstone. I believe that all forms of creativity are related.”

He adds that he likes the human aspect of fashion in particular, and clothing is just naturally something very close to is all: “I am most interested in people and the human form. Clothing is the closest thing to all humans.” Miyake also needs his team to be able to work with him during the process and says it’s a collaborative effort:

“My work has always been a team process: made up of collaborations with the staff within the studio. I feel that you always see things in a different way when you allow others to become part of a creative process.”